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Nicolaudie Europe

Nicolaudie Europe is a company from Hong Kong Trade Enterprises, the content including the website, address, telepone, fax and so on.
(以下是Nicolaudie Europe公司的网址、地址、电话、传真等详细信息,来自香港贸易企业名录。)
Information (基本信息)

  • Company Name (公司名称) :
    Nicolaudie Europe
  • Nature Of Business (业务性质) :
Contact (联系方式)

  • Contact Person (联系人) :
    Mr. Bruno Nicolaudie
  • Position (职位) :
  • Address (地址) :
    838, Rue De Liaiguelongue, 34049, Montpellier, France
  • Telephone (电话) :
  • Fax (传真) :
  • Website (网站) :

Industry (行业信息)

  • Industry Category(行业分类) :
    Electronics & Eletrical Appliance(电子及电子电器)
  • Industry (行业明细) :
    Lighting Products
  • Product Service Range(产品服务范围) :
    USB network, USB connection and power voltage
  • Introduction (简介) :
    Nicolaudie Europe is over 10 years of developmemt , Nicolaudie is known world-wide as the most powerful lighting control software. we manufacturer a wide range of cutting edge DMX lighting control software and hardware products using the latest technologies available. We offer a wide range of control products for both the Entertainment and Architectural lighting markets.The Nicolaudie group strives to be at the forefront of lighting control technology, producing some of the most attractive, powerful and easy to use lighting control products available on the market today. We designed the first ever computerized lighting controller, the first ever USB-DMX interface and the first ever IP stand alone DMX interface.Since our formation back in 1987 by Bruno Nicolaudie, we have expanded to become one of the most successful DMX lighting control manufacturers in the world with offices in France, China, USA and Switzerland in addition to partners all over the world. Our products are also being marketed under different brand names through our exclusive OEM distribution network.Our software is free and our support is extremely in-depth with user manuals available in several languages, video tutorials for all products and e-mail and telephone support. So why not download one of our products today, and tell us what you think!
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