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Capital Financial Press Limited

Capital Financial Press Limited is a company from Hong Kong Trade Enterprises, the content including the website, address, telepone, fax and so on.
(以下是Capital Financial Press Limited公司的网址、地址、电话、传真等详细信息,来自香港贸易企业名录。)
Information (基本信息)

  • Company Name (公司名称) :
    Capital Financial Press Limited
  • Number of Staff HK (香港员工人数) :
  • Year of Establishment (成立年份) :
  • Company Award (公司品牌) : LtdARC Awards 25th: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze24th: 2 Bronze23rd: BronzeBossini Int'l Holdings LtdMercury Awards 2011/2012: Bronze24th : Gold25th ARC Awards: SilverGalaxy Awards 2011: Bronze17th HK Print Awards: Merit Award of AR PrintingC.P. Pokphand Co. Ltd24th ARC Awards: Homors18th ASTRID Awards: BronzeChina Motion Telecom Int'l Ltd24th Mercury Awards: SilverGalaxy Awards 2010: Silver21st ASTID Awards: HonorsCLP Holdings LtdARC Awards 25th: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze 24th: 1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 1 Honors 23rd: 1 Gold, 3 Bronze, 1 Honors 22nd: 2 Gold 21st: 2 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 HonorsHKMA AR Awards 2010: Gold 2005-2009: Best Report AwardGalaxy Awards 2010: 1 Honors, 1 Gold 2009: 2 Gold, 1 2010: Best AR 2010, 11th Worldwide 2009: 5th World wide, The Best in Asia 2008: 8th World wide, The Best in Asia 2007: 10th World wide, The Best Utility Co. Report in the Financial clarity 2006: 10th World wide, 1st in Asia, The Best Utility Co. Report in the WorldEmpeeror Capital Group Ltd25th ARC Award: SilverEmperor Entertainment Hotel LtdGalaxy Awards 2010: HonorsEmperor Watch & Jewellery LtdARC Awards 25th: Honors 24th: 1 Bronze, 1 HonorsFirst Pacific Co. LtdARC Awards 25th: 2 Bronze 24th: HonorsHK Baptist University22nd ASTRID Awards: HonorsHysan Development Co. Ltd21st ARC Awards: 1 Silver, 1 HonorsKith Holdings LtdMercury Awards 2011/2012: HonorsARC Awards 25th: Bronze 22nd: Honors21st ASTRID Awards: SilverGalaxy Awards 2010: BronzeMelco Int'l Development LtdARC Awards 25th: Bronze 23rd: 1 Bronze, 1 HonorsGalaxy Awards 2009: GoldShougang Concord Int'l Enterprises Co. Ltd23rd ARC Awards: HonorsSilver Base Group Holdings Ltd22nd ASTRID Awards: SilverMercury Awards 2011/2012: SilverTCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd25th ARC Awards: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze18th ASTRID Awards: SilverTCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd24th: ARC Awards: HonorsXiwang Sugar Holdings Co. LtdMercury Awards 2011/2012: HonorsGalaxy Awards 2011: BronzeYue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) LtdMercury Awards 2011/2012: GoldGalaxy Awards 2011: Bronze 2010: Honors
  • Major Export Market (主要出口市场) :
    China, Hong Kong
  • Nature Of Business (业务性质) :
    Service Company
Contact (联系方式)

  • Contact Person (联系人) :
    Miss Kennis Wong
  • Position (职位) :
    Account Director
  • Address (地址) :
    Unit 1102, 11/F Nexxus Building 41 Connaught Road Central Central, Hong Kong
  • Telephone (电话) :
  • Fax (传真) :
  • Website (网站) :

Industry (行业信息)